King Retreat Center can be rented throughout the year. This winterized building has all the amenities found at home! Click the link in the title to see what King Retreat Center has to offer.


Our cabins are primarily used during our summer camping season. When you come for a week of camp, these will be your home!

Camp Mardela has 6 cinderblock cabins, complete with 5 bunk beds with 10 bunks and air conditioning in the heat of summer. Campers will stay in cabin groups during the week with 2 counselors. Bedding is not provided, so campers must bring their own sheets, blankets, or sleeping bags.

Each cabin is named after a different kind of vegetation (Dogwood, Moss, Magnolia, Mighty Oak, Sequoia, and Sassafras). There are 3 cabins located on either side of the bathhouse. One side is usually the girls' side, and the other side is the boys' side.


This building has dining tables and chairs, as well as a fully equipped kitchen. In addition, you will find a piano, a projector screen, and various other indoor activities. Krabill Hall also has bathroom facilities and a back porch area.

This hall is well used and well loved by our campers, but can also be rented for use by retreat groups outside of summer camp!

Craft House Green.png


The craft house is stocked with supplies for various activities for campers to do during the summer. This building also houses the life jackets and paddles for the canoes and kayaks. Just look for the door on the outside of the building with a paddle on it. Other sports and water activity equipment is stored in this building, so the craft house has a lot more to offer than just crafts!

This building may be rented by retreat groups, but the craft supplies are reserved for use by summer camps, and some equipment can be used upon request.


Our nurses station is located in this building. It has a bathroom and  beds in the event that a camper must stay overnight in order to be healthy.

This building can be rented for retreat use upon request.

Esther Green.png


This pavilion is the perfect location for various events. It has a kitchen, bathrooms, a stage and sound system, as well as a Kevlar curtain that is used for archery during camp, but can double as a curtain for performances by campers or other groups!

There is a volleyball court, a softball field, a playground and a separate parking lot for this area, so it is complete with all the things you may need for a picnic or any other outdoor event. This area is used during summer camps, but can be rented by groups while summer camp programs are not in session.


If you prefer to enjoy the great outdoors from your own vehicle or tent, you can stay with us on our camping sites! Located across from the basketball court, we have 11 sites available for rent, complete with electric and water hook-ups, a fire circle, and a small playground


These sites are primarily used for the Outdoor Adventures Camp. They were built courtesy of our local boy scouts, and they were certainly built with quality in mind! There are four tent pads, a small pavilion with picnic tables, and a full service fire circle with benches! This is tucked back in the woods in between the pavilion and the swimming pond, and is the perfect spot to spend some time secluded in nature.