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Send a Camper To Camp - Scholarship Fund Donation

Send a Camper To Camp - Scholarship Fund Donation


Donate towards Camp Mardela's Scholarship Fund to help make camp more accessible to campers!


All donations tagged for scholarships are put into a scholarship fund and awarded to campers based on their financial need. They apply with a scholarship form and funds are granted on a first-come first-serve and need-based basis. There is also an option to donate towards a fund to pay for our summer staff as wages increase and we are needing to hire more staff.


You may also donate to another fund if you would like to support another area of camp. This category will be designated by "custon donation amount" and you can list what you would like your donation to be used for.

  • Shipping

    There is a shipping option for this donation. There are no goods to be physically shipped, so you can disregard this option and simply select "pick-up" to avoid this excess fee.

    However, if you would like to pay the shipping fee to help cover some of the card-processing costs, you may, but it is not required.

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