Please take a moment to review our rental procedures, policies, and forms below before your stay with us. Click here to see our calendar of events and rental availability.


After you have determined that you would like to rent Camp Mardela for an upcoming event, you should follow these steps to finalize your reservation.

  • Contact us to inquire about possible dates and availability of the buildings/areas you would like to rent.

  • Once an agreement is made, you will be sent a Contract, a Water Safety Agreement (if needed), a User Agreement, and an Rental Fees Sheet. You can download these forms by clicking the links above.

  • Mail pages 3 & 4 of your Contract, your Water Safety Agreement (if needed), your User Agreement, your Rental Fees Sheet and your deposit to Camp Mardela. Use the Rental Fees Sheet to estimate what your total rental fee will be. Camp Mardela requires a deposit of 25% of your estimated total rental fee to finalize your reservation. The minimum deposit accepted is $50.00 for any event

  • Upon receiving these items, Camp Mardela will send a final invoice for your rental

Refund Policies:

  • $50 deposit is non-refundable

  • 60 days or more prior: Groups will be charged a $50 cancellation fee, which will be deducted from their deposit. If the initial deposit or any payments made after the deposit exceed $50, that balance will be refunded.

  • 30 – 59 days prior: Groups will be refunded 50% of the balance in excess of the $50 minimum deposit

  • 0 - 30 days prior: Groups will not receive a refund

  • During the current COVID-19 pandemic, if you must cancel for the safety of you and your group, you will receive a full refund minus the $50 deposit

  • If your group has a last minute weather-related cancellation, you will receive a 50% refund of you balance in excess of the $50 minimum deposit

Final Payment:

  • Before your group’s departure, arrange a time to meet with the administrator review the rental fees, which will be adjusted to reflect your groups actual usage if it varies from the original invoice. This final adjusted fee must be collected before your group's departure

Additional Billing Policies:

  • If damage to property, facilities, or supplies is found as a direct result of the misuse, abuse, or reckless behavior of a group, the group my be billed for the damages after their stay with us.

  • Camp Mardela will have a record of the state of the facilities before a group arrives, and it is recommended that groups review the state of the facilities upon arrival, so if something was broken or damaged prior to the group's arrival, your group is not billed for such damages, and so that everything is sure to be in proper working order for your stay with us


General Site Policies

  • Smoking is not permitted anywhere on the camp property.

  • No alcoholic beverages or drugs (including tobacco) are permitted on the camp property.

  • Firearms, fireworks, explosives and other weapons are strictly prohibited.

  • Pets are not permitted (assisting animals are welcome).

Care of the Facility:

  • We request reasonable and responsible use of the camp facilities, lighting, and equipment.

  • Any repairs resulting from damage occurring to camp property due to improper use, neglect, or vandalism will be billed to your group.

  • Please report any breakages or other emergencies to the camp administrator immediately.

Assigned Areas:

  • Groups using the camp need to be sensitive to the presence of others. If you are sharing the facility with another group, it may be necessary to schedule use of common areas such as playing fields, campfire circles, picnic areas, and other recreation spaces


  • We ask that the buildings and other areas that you use be left as clean or cleaner than you found them.

  • A custodial checklist is available, as are basic custodial supplies.

  • All sports equipment should be returned to storage areas.

  • If, upon arrival, you find that the cleanliness of the facility is unsatisfactory, please report to the administrator immediately.

Food Service:

  • Camp Mardela does not provide food service to rental groups, but groups can use kitchen and dining facilities provided.

  • As with other spaces available for rental, our kitchen areas should be used responsibly, and maintained under the guidelines listed above.

  • Damages to kitchen equipment and/or uncleanliness will be billed to your group.


  • Please leave all vehicles in the parking spaces provided.

  • You may drive to the retreat center and dining hall to unload luggage and food.

  • Observe speed limits. In areas where no speed limit is posted, assume a 5 mph speed limit

Recreation Equipment:

  • A limited supply of recreation equipment is available. Most is stored in a toy chest on the Craft House porch.

  • These items must be returned in good condition after each use.

  • Any equipment that is lost or damaged will be billed to your group.

Hay Wagon:

  • The hay wagon needs to be requested in advance so that a driver can be arranged. The wagon will be pulled by the camp tractor, and the driver will be provided by the camp.

  • Any other arrangements will need to be addressed to the camp administrator at a time prior to your event.

  • Rental groups are not permitted to operate the camp tractor, or any other motorized or mechanical equipment: i.e. mowers, tools, vehicles, etc. without express permission from the administrator.

Lost and Found:

  • Group leaders are asked to check all occupied areas thoroughly for any lost and found items.

  • Persons leaving items should arrange to pick them up at the camp’s convenience, or pre-pay postage charges plus a $5.00 service charge to have them located and mailed.


  • We ask that you respect and care for God’s creation while you are here. Please do not cut/deface/remove trees or other plants/ shrubs.

  • Please do not litter.

  • Observe and appreciate wild animals from a distance.

  • Please try to conserve energy.


  • Fires may only be built in designated areas. they must be attended at all times, and extinguished with water when finished.

  • Please check with the administrator before building a fire.

Groups With Children / Youth Not Accompanied by a Parent or Legal Guardian Leadership:

  • The leader/director of each group is ultimately responsible for the group’s conduct at all times: in the buildings, at meals, on the grounds, and during other activities (both organized and unorganized).

  • We require that you have adequate leadership to insure a strong program.

  • For children and youth groups, you should have no less than one adult (21 years or older) for every eight participants.

  • All participants must be instructed concerning use and care of the facilities and equipment, and must be supervised at all time. (See policies above.)

  • Camp Mardela is not responsible for the supervision or conduct of your group while you are here. It is the group leader/ event director’s responsibility to see that all policies and guidelines are followed.

First Aid:

  • Rental groups are responsible for their own first aid.

  • It is strongly recommended that you designate a first aid provider who is certified in Standard Community First Aid or higher, and Infant/Child/Adult CPR or higher.


  • Leaders of children/youth events must secure and have available at all times a basic health history form for each participant that is not accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

  • This form should include basic information such as allergies, medications, special needs, emergency phone numbers, and a consent statement signed by the parent or legal guardian which gives permission to provide emergency medical care if necessary. Camp Mardela can provide sample forms upon request.