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The Triune God with Us

I learned today that St. Patrick was famous for illustrating the trinity to the people of Ireland in a unique way - a 3-leaf clover. The clover is one essence, with three distinct leaves - connected, but set apart. It seems only fitting that today we reflect on this trinity, and why it is an important concept to understand as Christians, and why it gives us greater hope in God.

This story in Luke 3 is a powerful story of the baptism of Jesus, and this marked the beginning of his earthly ministry. This miraculous sign was given when he was baptized by John the Baptist to confirm to everyone present the nature of Jesus, and the nature of his ministry - he is the son of God, unified with him through the Holy Spirit, and brings joy to God in the mission he is about to carry out.

This seems like a complicated theological concept, but it should give us great joy. It is because of God's triune nature that He can always be with us. God, creator of the universe, is revealed in His creation as a sign to us of His existence every day. Jesus is our mediator - as the sacrificial lamb for eternal and universal salvation, He has made a path for us to God through faith by grace. The Holy Spirit ministers to our hearts and our minds and is always with us, whispering (or sometime shouting) to us which way to go, and how best to follow God's will and show His love to others daily.

This short passage shows the relationship of those three within each other, and this should encourage us that the God who is three in one loves us enough to reveal Himself in many ways, uniquely, and with great love to all people and personally in our own lives.

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