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Our volunteers are the lifeblood of Camp Mardela. They are living, breathing examples of what it means to love your neighbor by serving. Our volunteers do everything from counseling and directing in the summer to construction projects around camp in the winter. If you are interested in volunteering your time to help out at camp, you can email, call 410-479-2861, or fill out the form below and let us know what you can do to help serve camp.

NOTE: ALL Summer Volunteers must complete a staff & volunteer application, a voluntary disclosure, a health form, and attend Volunteer Training in order to work directly with children during summer programs every year.

ALL Resource Volunteers must complete a resource volunteer form in lieu of a full volunteer application.

Summer Staff Volunteers


Help in the kitchen, with maintenance, as a lifeguard or a nurse for a weekend, a week, or all summer!


Resource Volunteers


Help with specific camp activities for camp programs, such as nature, music, crafts, or Bible (12 hours or less)


Service Volunteers


Any and all Camp Mardela maintenance, cleaning, vehicle, building, or property projects that need to be done each week! 


Camp Program Volunteers


Stay in a cabin with campers for a weekend or a week of camp. Help supervise activities, keep campers safe and having fun at camp!


Camp Event Volunteers

Year Round

Help out with specific Camp Mardela activities and fundraisers, like the auction, yard sale, camp supper, and more!


NEW! Summer Camp Volunteer Incentives

This summer, we are offering incentives to those volunteers who help for an ENTIRE CAMP PROGRAM! This means that volunteers who help with a particular camp from beginning to end can get 15%-50% off of future camp programs for themselves, their kids, siblings, friends, church members, etc!


The percentage of the discount voucher will depend on the length of the program, as listed in the infographic here.

We hope that this small token of appreciation will encourage our program volunteers and show how much we appreciate the time they take to make these camp programs possible!

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