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Goals of Our Summer Camp Programming

  • To provide children and adults the opportunity to experience God and grow in understanding of Him through:

    • Biblical education

    • Creation

    • Peace

    • Community

    • Individual growth


Lifestyle & Activities

  1. Camping is a 24 hour a day opportunity to put into practice the Christian principles set forth in scripture.  Camp provides a laboratory experience in living as a Christian and doing so in a community of believers.  

  2. In church camping many activities are carried out in small groups rather than all campers doing everything together.  This is called “decentralized camping.”

  3. Christian camping is an experience in Christian living that makes maximum use of all the available resources including nature and people.

  4. Program is every planned or unplanned activity that takes place at camp.

  5. Camping is living peacefully, simply, together. Campers will learn peaceful conflict resolution, simple living in the outdoors, and how to work together. Program elements are based around these core Brethren values.

Sample Schedule


3:00 - Registration, move-in

4:00 - Camp Meeting (rules, introduce staff, emergency drills)

5:00 - Supper 

6:00 - Ice breakers/activities 

7:00 - Vespers

8:00 - Activities

9:00 - Snack/Lane walk/free time

9:30 -  Showers/bed prep

10:00 - Devotionals

10:30 - Lights Out


7:00 - Rise and Shine!!! 

7:45 - Morning Watch 

8:00 - Breakfast 

8:30 - Camp clean up / staff meeting

9:30 - Bible Study

10:00 - Activities (nature, crafts, service project, etc)

11:30 - Free Time

12:00 - Lunch 

12:45 - Camp Store

1:30 - Rest 

2:30 - Aquatic Activities (fishing, boats, swim, etc)

4:30 - Free Time

5:00 - Supper 

6:00 - Activities 

7:00 - Vespers

8:00 - Activities

9:00 - Snack/Lane walk/free time

9:30 -  Showers/bed prep

10:00 - Devotionals

10:30 - Lights Out

Biblical & Theological Values

  1. Camping is a 24 hour a day counseling opportunity where older, more mature Christians can can help younger, less mature Christians analyze problems and come to decisions about them.

  2. Camping is an opportunity to grow as Christians through relationships between leaders and campers.  Adequately trained and spiritually mature leaders are a must.

  3. Some things can be learned best in a local church; other things can be more meaningfully learned in an outdoor setting. We try to prioritize outdoor Christian education in the form of Bible studies, games, outdoor activity education (canoeing, kayaking, archery, hiking), and worship. We do not seek to take the place of the doctrinal religious education that churches provide, but to supplement it.

  4. Church camp is a diverse population, culturally, ethically, and theologically. Some campers come from homes where Christ is central, while others come from homes where God is never mentioned in a reverent manner.  It is our goal to present Christ in a loving, open way by creating a safe space where each camper has the opportunity to experience God as he or she is able, thus growing in understanding and progressing in the journey of faith. 

  5. Camp staff may also be diverse in its theology and interpretation of scripture. However, the teachings of Christ will always be central in our teaching and living together. Issues and understandings adopted by the Church of the Brethren will be held by the administration and staff as decisions, policy, and procedures are cared for. 

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