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King Retreat Center is the perfect place for your group to spend a week enjoying the great outdoors, while enjoying the comforts of this homey cottage in the woods. King can sleep about 40 people, and is complete with all of the amenities you will need for a relaxing getaway in the woods any time of the year.


Rental policies, rules, and the rental contract can be found here.


This room is stocked with all the comfort you could imagine!

You have an assortment of comfortable chairs, a closet filled with board games, as well as  a TV and DVD player. This is the perfect place to gather and relax after a long day of outdoor adventures!

Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen - $150/day OR $15/hour (less than 6 hours)



This space can be used to eat meals, play games or meet with friends. 

In the winter, the wood-fire stove at the center of the room can bring relief from the cold, and in the summer, the sunroom doors can be opened to bring in a cool breeze on a hot day. The kitchen attached to this dining room, makes meal prep and service convenient for you and your group.

Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen - $150/day OR $15/hour (less than 6 hours)


This kitchen is fully stocked with a refrigerator, microwave, stove, oven, pots, pan, griddles, and coffee makers. With all of this, you are sure to be able to make yummy home cooked meals for your group. All you need to bring is the food! The kitchen is also attached to this dining room, making meal prep and service convenient for you and your group. All we ask is that you use the equipment provided responsibly, and clean the space before you leave so that it is nice and clean for the next group.

Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen - $150/day OR $15/hour (less than 6 hours)



The King Retreat Center has 6 bedrooms available for rent, with 4 sleeping spaces in each. Each room has an attached bathroom and each floor has a shower. There is storage space for your personal items, so you can make yourself at home! 


Bedding can be provided for a small fee ($5/set)



Each room has sleeping for 8, with 6 bunk beds and 2 twins. Both rooms have a bathroom and a shower, as well as storage space.

These rooms are great for large groups with younger guests.


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