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In My Fathers House

Luke's gospel gives us a unique look into Jesus's childhood before he began his earthly ministry. He tells the story of a time he got separated from his parents. In a panic, they rushed back to the town they were in looking for Jesus. When they found him, he was in the temple. His parents, worried sick, asked why Jesus would wander away from them, and this verse in Luke 2:49 was his response.

When I read this, I was reminded of how we prioritize our lives. Are we so focused on going to the next place that we don't take time to recognize God in the places we are in, or do we take time to be still, meditate, and learn about God and his word in every moment?

The beautiful thing about practicing this kind of mindfulness is that we begin to recognize God in all places. He is not confined to certain cities, buildings, or congregations of people. Although Jesus was in the temple in this story, he later taught that is did not matter if we worshipped on certain mountains or buildings, but more important is for us to worship in spirit and truth, and we can do this anywhere and at all times.

God is always with us, and wants to be known by us. So let us take time to spend time in God's house, wherever that is, and make time with him a priority and a habit.

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