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Camp Mardela News: Featuring YOU!

You may have noticed our recent bi-monthly Camp Mardela Newsletters called "The Lane" coming to your email or to your mailbox in the past year looking like this:

Now is YOUR chance to add your story to these newsletters! Send us your pictures and stories from Camp Mardela, or devotional thoughts and articles to be features in "The Lane"! Please send to before the following dates to be included in the upcoming issues:

  • March 25th - April Lane

  • May 25th - June Lane

  • July 25th - August Lane

  • September 25th - October Lane

  • November 25th - December Lane

  • December 26th - Year in Review

Camp Mardela is all about supporting our campers and our community. So many people give of their time, talents, and resources to make camp possible, and this is one more way you can share your gifts with us to support camp, and we can showcase your talents to the community as well!

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