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Moving Forward - Exciting Krabill Hall News


We are SO EXCITED to begin the process of making Krabill Hall a year-round facility with the installation of heat & air conditioning units! Thank you to everyone who donated and participated in fundraisers to make this project possible. We are already so excited thinking about all of the possibilities of things we can do with this additional functionality of Krabill Hall - one of the oldest and most beloved buildings at Camp Mardela.

Since we raised almost $3,000 more than our fundraising goal, the excess funds will go towards the Building Fund account, and help with any incidental expenses from this project, or help support future building projects at Camp Mardela.

Right now, Collin's has already begun installation, and it is looking like it will be installed and functional by April or May. Electric by Miller is working to ensure that there is enough power to the hall to support this system. Last year, J.L Gannon also made major repairs to our refrigeration system, and Greenhill COB donated a new dishwasher for the dish room, with a new floor installed from a member of the Ridgely church. Stanley Hutchison, Tom Schuyler, and the Thursday work crew have also been instrumental in helping with, overseeing, and planning for these projects.

Time after time, this community continues to prove the power of collaboration and volunteerism. There are so many amazing things Camp Mardela does, and it is all thanks to the incredible support we have from this camp community. Words cannot express the gratitude we have for what each and every one of you do to make Camp Mardela what it is, and how you are helping to keeping running, growing, and thriving.

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