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Summer in Fall? Christmas decoration in October? - BVS Blog

This month started out pretty cold, so I got a heater in House of Esther now and the leaves on the trees and mostly the ground also say it should be fall, but the temperature decided it's still summer. So the heater isn't in use anymore and in the next few days I'll move to a dorm room in the King retreat center, since the possibility of summer ending is still there.

I've been to Washington D.C. twice this month. The first few days of October for representing camp at the MAD-Conference and visiting the local BVS volunteers. And then just last week for a concert by Michael W. Smith in the Cannon building on Capitol Hill.

Since we had our birding retreat this month, I saw a lot of Maryland/Delaware nature which was really nice, as were the people but not that surprising I still know almost nothing about birds. Additional to birding we also collected trash in the nature by the example of Fred. And we broke one of the van keys in the van but luckily were able to get it to work again.

As for music, I got to play one of my favorite flute pieces at Easton COB, the Sicilienne by Gabriel Faure. Also I saw Jen performing with her two competing choirs and went to a rehearsal for a Christmas choir performing on the radio city stage in November, no worries I'm just signing. I'm very excited to go to New York next month though.

I'm also very excited about the macarons I baked, since it was the first time without recipe and a scale and it worked out pretty good for that.

We had our last rental group for this year so it was good to have a fuller month before the slow months are starting. So in preparation for the last big camp activity this year, the Sights and Sounds of Christmas new lights are coming up every week.

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