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Hi there! How are you all doing? I'm hoping good. I'm settling in great at camp.

I had a lot of firsts this past month. My first Family Camp, which was awesome, the kitchen ROCKS. My first Camp Supper which was great and delicious. Also I had my first Pumpkin Roll, VERY tasty. While talking about food, I had my first Crabs (and Crab Feast) this month too. And finally I have a Maryland Crab Sticker now! I also joined Easton Church of the Brethrens Peachblossom Bells, it's a lot of fun.

I did a lot of stapling for mass mailing such as our Newsletter, so don't worry you'll probably hear from us. I'm glad it's not as hot and humid anymore but I wouldn't have anything against a little sunshine in exchange for all the rain and wind, which by the way caused us having two chairs in the swimming pond. Christmas is definitely coming, we started decorating this month, I climbed all the roofs of king retreat center and the craft house is still stuffed with more decorations to keep us busy. And of course this month didn't pass without me painting again, did you notice the popping colors of the welcome sign at the beginning of the lane?

Have a great next month and you'll hear from me again at the end of it.

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