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Camps and Plants

February started with staff from Camp Swatara coming and doing volunteer work here at camp for three days, a deal we made at OMA conference, so we're going to return that favor and go up to Pennsylvania in May, too. It was so much fun and they got so many things done. Directly following that we had our winter service day, where we got so much done with all your help, too.

That day three BVS-Volunteers came from D.C. also, for the Reunion. I got to have a full conversation in German again, the first since Christmas I think. We had a great time, and then the reunion was so interesting, hearing all the stories of past BVS volunteers. The potluck, of course tasted amazing, I had so many leftovers.

Then Jen and I went to Camp Brethren Woods in Virginia, so I got my first camp-counseling experience. It was great, we went snow tubing, had camp fires with smores, did crafts, had bible study AND NOW I'm so pumped for the summer with a lot more counseling.

Now at the end of February we saw the daffodils coming, announcing spring and planted a ton of new colorful flowers. I'm excited to see camp getting green again.

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