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Updated: May 31

First of all sorry I didn't find a better title for this blog, but that really was the only thing that fit. Of course other things happened in April too, but my parents did take up the biggest chunk.

Of course April started with the auction though. So I baked a bunch of things for that and then also sold them. I still can't believe how fast that auctioneer spoke honestly (this was my first auction). It was a lot of fun and I even bid on and got one item as a present for my brother.

And THEN... You guessed it my parents came! Immediately the next day, they were put to work of course. We planted some new flowers and plants around camp, that now you can already see bloom. I showed them Denton, Rehoboth Beach, carpet pool and five crowns. After a few days here at camp we started traveling with Washington D.C. as first destination.

In D.C. we mostly walked up and down the national mall. That literally was the first day, starting at the Eastern Market and walking to the Washington Monument. BUT in the evening we went to an amazing concert by GIANT ROOOKS. The next day we went to see two of the Smithsonian museums, again on the national mall of course. The Holocaust Museum and the National Museum of African American History and Cullture. They both were absolutely amazing but also just a lot of information and we didn't have time to get everything in either of them. Afterwards, I guess to get some more steps in, we decided to walk up the Jefferson, Roosevelt, Martin Luther King Jr. and Lincoln Memorial and also walk through George Town. You're gonna notice, our legs never got a break while we were traveling.

After D.C. we went on to Philadelphia. Since my mother has a colleague who lives there, she and her husband showed us around the evening we arrived. The next day it was a little rainy but we still walked up everywhere we wanted to go and saw the Liberty Bell from the outside, went into the museum of the American Revolution and tried the two competing supposedly best cheesesteaks of Philly.

Philly was just a short trip but then came the big travel goal, my mother has been waiting since she was 16 and now it finally happened, YES we went to New York for seven days. We saw a lot of things (I don't even want to know how many steps we walked) but as you can probably imagine not nearly all of NYC. We went to two Jazz clubs, the Birdland (just acoustics jazz quartet) and the Blue Note (jazz hip-hop mix band with singing) and had two very different but both great performances. Naturally we also saw one Broadway show, SIX, which was definitely worth it. We were on Time Square, in the Central Park and at the Highline. We found wild markets like Industry City and Dumbo in Brooklyn and the Chelsea Market. We visited the 9/11 Memorial Museum, MoMA and the Met. And other than those typical sightseeings we just walked around different parts of the city. Since I mentioned it before we played five crowns this entire time, in every city too.

After NYC we came back to camp did some raking and then they left.

I also met some of the people Jen did her mission trip year with and that was my April. Hope you had a good one too.

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