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November Spectacular

November was packed! We had our fall service day at the beginning of November, we got a lot of decorations done which made me even more excited for the upcoming Sights and Sounds of Christmas. That same day I had my first concert with Easton's Mid-Shore Community Band, also a lot of fun and very exciting. Right after that Jen and I went to Camp Eder in Pennsylvania for OMA (Outdoor Ministries Association) Conference. It was great meeting all these other camp people to learn about camp in general but also talking about the different camps individually and how we can improve outdoor ministries at camp. I learned a lot of of new games too!

Of course I also had my first Thanksgiving which was very very tasty and combined with learning and playing a new game. Basically all I did in the week around Thanksgiving was eating and playing pinochle, but I did do some other exciting things, like going to my first Hockey game, the Hershey Bears, with turkey "shooting" on the ice. I also went to Hershey's Chocolate World which was great because I love chocolate. Also we went to Hershey Sweet Lights and I got a hair cut.

And at the end of all that excitement I went to New York City for the first time, as part of a project choir performing as opening for the Rockettes Christmas Spectacular on Radio City Stage. Since I can't sing I did sign language for Silent Night. Alone watching the show was awesome, but standing on stage there was a rush, too.

Going back to the calm Eastern Shore camp life now is nice too though, I woke up way to early a lot of the last days. Only missing thing now is snow.

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