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Our new BVS Volunteer

Updated: Oct 4, 2023

Hi there, I’m Jonas Baron, camp's new BVS Volunteer!

I’m from Berlin, not Maryland but Germany, and I’m going to serve at Camp for the following year. I’m 18 years old and just graduated High School. In Berlin I volunteered at my church for four years by helping with the confirmation classes. That’s four years of experience in work with youth and I’m here to share and increase these experiences at camp.

I arrived in the evening of Wednesday August 9th so my camp experience started with the Thursday-Volunteers and a lot of painting. Now half my clothes are matching the benches and gagaball-pit near the pavilion! Even though it’s been only three weeks at camp I already know what all my keys are for, I learned how to drive the Golf-Cart (which is a lot of fun), how to play carpet pool, the rules for archery and canoe/kayaking and now I’m a certified Food Handler. Also, I went Balloon chasing and decorated a church with fruits.

So as you might guess I had a lot of fun this first month and with a start like this I really think the rest can only get better, I’m really looking forward to spent my next year at this beautiful camp.

P.S. Please follow and like our new Instagram account, I’m creating most of the posts! @camp_mardela

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