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Summer Help

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

There are SO MANY ways you can help out at camp this summer!

1. Work on paid summer staff

Who DOESN'T want to spend a whole summer at camp? You can spend a whole summer where while serving Camp Mardela by working on summer staff! We are hiring a Food Service Supervisor, Cooks, Maintenance Staff & Lifeguards. For jobs descriptions, applications details, deadlines, and training information, click here.

2. Volunteer

Our program runs almost exclusively on volunteer help. You can help out as resource staff, teach a Bible class, nature lesson, or help counsel or direct a camp! Our BIGGEST need is volunteer cabin counselors for the summer, and we are still looking for a couple directors and co-directors for the summer. Click here to see out current volunteer needs and what you can do to help!

3. Counselor in Training (C.I.T)

This program offers campers the opportunity to serve Camp Mardela by learning how to be a counselor and other areas of camp. To get more information on the program and how to apply, click here.

Share your time and talents with campers this summer by helping out in any of these ways! If you have any questions, reach out to, call 410-479-2861, or mail us a note at P.O. Box 460, Denton, MD 21629! We would love to hear from you, and, even better, SEE you this summer at camp!

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