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The Lane - August 2022

Updated: Mar 29, 2023

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The Lane - August 2022
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Summer Update

We are nearing the end of a full and exciting summer at Camp Mardela! We have had 6 amazing camps for campers 1st-10th grade, with 2 more camps happening - Day Camp for 2nd-4th graders this week, and Me & You camp for Pre-K - 1st grade with parents next weekend, August 12th-13th. So far we have had about 100 campers and over 70 volunteers come down the lane to help make this summer’s camp’s possible.

ACA Visit Update

On July 25th we had our ACA accreditation visit. The visitors were pleased at the organization and excitement we had at camp. They gave some helpful suggestions to improve our program and a couple items to fix. We will get the results from our visit in October.

What's ACA?

The American Camping Association (ACA) is a well-respected organization that, through extensive research, has developed operating standards that prioritize the health, safety, and education of summer camp programming. Because of this, the Maryland Health Department also defers to ACA's standards in many areas, which makes the Maryland camp licensing process more streamlined as well. We are honored to be a part of this organization.

Upcoming Events

Me & You Camp

Me & You camp has been rescheduled to August 12th-13th. This camp is for campers Pre-K - 1st grade and 1 adult. Register at

Family Camp

Family camp will be held September 2nd-4th at Camp Mardela. Walt Wiltschek will be our guest speaker and the theme will be “Close Encounters of the God Kind”. See the attached

to let us know when you will be joining us. Please register by August 25th, 2022 by submitting the completed brochure or online at

Family Camp Brochure 2022 (4)
Download PDF • 790KB

Camp Supper

The Camp Supper will happen on September 17th, 4pm-7pm. Enjoy a delicious ham and turkey meal with dressing, mashed potatoes, green beans, coleslaw, candied sweet potatoes, rolls, applesauce, desserts, and beverages, all prepared by camp volunteers. Meals will be a $10 minimum donation.


The “Cozy Cabin Campaign”

We have raised almost $6,000 of our $9,000 goal to get new mattresses for the cabins. The sizes of the bunks in each cabin vary significantly, so we need to special order several sizes to furnish all of the cabins. Our goal is to have all new mattresses by 2023. We already ordered 10 smaller sizes and are ordering 10 more larger sizes soon.

Scrip Fundraiser

We are continually running our Scrip fundraiser. Whenever you are out shopping, consider supporting Camp Mardela by purchasing gift cards for stores you frequently shop at. You won’t be spending any more money than you normally would and Camp Mardela gets a percentage back. Visit / to learn how you can enroll in this program.



We plan to have another work day on November 19th from 9am-5pm to work on some tree cutting, winterizing buildings, and other general camp maintenance, as well as preparing for our winter fundraiser. In the meantime, any volunteers are welcome to join us for our weekly Thursday work days from 9am-2pm.


A proposal is to be submitted by the end of August for a living shoreline and rain gardens behind Krabill Hall, as well as planting native plants around the walking path in the main area to reduce erosion of camp’s property. We are also looking at grants to improve our network access.

Storm Damage

On July 12th after our Mini campers left, high winds from a severe thunderstorm took down many trees at Camp Mardela. 45 trees fell down in the camp program areas, but the only structural damage was to the camp store, 1 cabin air conditioner, and the benches at the main fire circle. Between Tuesday night and Saturday afternoon, 80 volunteers came and put in 360 hours of labor to clean up the program areas so that we could run the remaining camps. There are still many trees down in the woods, and trees that need to be replanted, so there will be ongoing projects as a result of the storm damage.

Devotional Thoughts - "Making Room for Sunshine"

By Jennifer Summy

Making room for sunshine

Is not an easy task

In the overgrown garden of the mind - it requires uprooting

In the dense forest of the heart - it requires trees to topple

In the fluorescent light of a home - it requires wires to be cut

Many barriers get built

Between us and the sun

Getting distracted by surroundings

We forget to look up

Not all plants are meant to stay rooted - so remove the weeds

Not all trees are meant to stay standing - so let the trees fall

Not all lights deserve to keep shining - so turn off the lights

To see the one true light


It's only after the dust settles

And we survey the awesome power of God

The one who gives life and has the power to take it away

The universe and all of existence is in His hands

And at the end of it all

My hope lies in His hands alone

To miss the forest for the trees

Would be a travesty

For there is no greater majesty

Than the God who stirs the winds and seas

In the rubble

There is still hope

There is still love and joy

Music and laughter still dance together

At the dawn of each day

And God still reigns

Tragedy is not always punishment

Destruction is not always discipline


It's just a reminder

To make room for sunshine

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