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The Lane - February 2023

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2022 Review

We accomplished many of our 2022 project goals last year, and saw a 50% increase in our rental income! This helped us support our camp program, which is still below our pre-COVID numbers. Overall, we ended the year in the red by $2,800.00. However, we made gains in the past several years, and have approved a 2023 budget that will use some of that reserve. We still need the support of the community to ensure that we maintain a good financial position as our expenses are increasing with rising prices.

2023 Goals

Our general goals for 2023 can be summed up as - growth. We want to see our camp numbers increase by 25%, increase advertising efforts in the area, make improvements to the property that will grow our year-round usability, and literally GROW trees and plants in the areas that were effected by the July 12th storm. Camp Mardela has always been a place to grow together, so help us as we make plans to continue to grow in the future together with you!

Camp Board Committees

If you have any concerns, questions, or ideas regarding any of these committees, you can reach out to any person on the committee to address your needs. Click a drop-down to see who is on the committee!


Jered Hannawald - Chair Amy Hutchison - Secretary Mikalah Potvin - Treasurer Jennifer Summy - Adminstrator





Upcoming Events

Winter Service Day - February 18th - 9am-5pm

Our past service days have been a success, and we hope you join us for our winter service day! We work on winter projects in preparation for our upcoming events. We will also have some archival work and some auction work to do. Here is our list of things to do:

  • Wood Cutting

  • Organizing auction donations

  • Painting

  • Cleaning

  • Archival work

Lunch will be provided to all volunteers!

Camp Auction - April 1st - 8am-1pm

Find unique items for sale to support Camp Mardela's fundraising auction. Breakfast & browse will start at 8am with bidding in the live and silent auction starting at 9am. The auction will continue until 1pm or until all items are sold! There will also be a food stand/bake sale. You can support by:

  • Donating auction items (new or gently used)

  • Purchasing ads/sponsorships for the booklet

  • Bidding on items on the day of the auction

The deadline for booklet items is Feb 27th.

Save The Date


Krabill Hall Improvements

Krabill Hall has long been the hub of activity at camp, and it has changed a lot over the years - inside and out! This year, we are looking to make some additional improvements to Krabill all to make it more comfortable and usable. A couple of refrigerators and freezers are in need of major repairs. In addition, Krabill Hall is starting to be used year-round, and needs more substantial climate control. Therefore, we are setting a $50,000 fundraising goal to address these issues. If you would like to support, send a donation with the memo "Krabill Hall Improvements".

New at Camp Mardela!

Check out the projects we've already begun in 2023!


Bob Musch has been creating new signage all around camp to help visitors - new and old - to get around.

Floating Dock


Camp Programs


Early Bird: 10% off (register under "early bird" or use coupon code - EB)

Winter Deadline - Feb 6

Summer Deadline - June 1

Bring a Friend: 10% off (coupon code - BAF)

Bring a new friend and BOTH campers can apply discount!

Church Pays Half: 50% off (register under "church pays half")

Applies for participating Church of the Brethren churches